Video on Demand

The Video on Demand module generates direct revenues with the sales of media content. Media can be purchased either by single payment or subscription.
Single payment is managed by a credit system. Credits and subscriptions can be purchased via PayPal.

ViMP 3.0

The key feature of ViMP 3.0 is its new template!

It impresses by its modern and lightweight layout, its automatic size adjustment to different screen sizes (Responsive Design) and its fundamentally reworked usability.

The new template, named PACIFIC, is included in ViMP Professional, Enterprise, Enterprise Ultimate and Corporate.

Contents with costs

Media can be bought by single payment or by subscription.
Single payments are available for single media, defined channels or the complete portal.
Subscriptions are available for defined channels or the complete portal.

Payment provider

Credits will be purchased via the secure international payment provider PayPal.
Subscriptions will be balanced directly through the subscription function of PayPal.
This way recurring payments will be received automatically through PayPal.

Commission system

Members of the user role "Producer" can gain commissions for sales of their media.
The amount of the share can be defined individually for each Producer.
The selling price of the media will be defined by the Producer himelf.

Transaction lists

Detailed transaction lists provide information about all sellings and commission payments.
The lists can be exported within definable timeframes, e.g. for calculating commission totals.


For videos, preview versions will be generated automatically with a defined length.
For images with costs, a definable watermark will be converted into the preview version.
Only after buying, the media can be watched in full length and without watermark.

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