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Elephants Dream is the world’s first open movie, made entirely with open source graphics software such as Blender, and with all production files freely available to use however you please, under a Creative Commons license.

The short film was created by the Orange Open Movie Project studio in Amsterdam during 2005/2006, bringing together a diverse team of artists and developers from all over the world. More about the project...

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avatar of user felix who posted a comment

March 22, 2016 05:11:31 PM CET

These details in gfx. Wonderful!

avatar of user jona who posted a comment

March 22, 2016 05:05:14 PM CET

Thanks Anna for interpreting the plot.

avatar of user ucke who posted a comment

March 22, 2016 04:37:36 PM CET

Yeah, I did. But i like this one better.

avatar of user viktoria who posted a comment

March 22, 2016 04:25:31 PM CET

Have you already seen the second free licensed movie big buck bunny?

avatar of user Anna who posted a comment

March 22, 2016 04:13:56 PM CET

Ramus, I'm afraid you didn't get the story... Proog (the old guy) has created a fantasy world to protect Emo (the young boy) and himself from the "real world". Kinda cool story I'd say.

avatar of user Rasmus who posted a comment

March 22, 2016 04:04:10 PM CET

Kind of boring, don't you think? Too short dialogs and nonsense story...

avatar of user Anna who posted a comment

March 22, 2016 03:56:22 PM CET

Ich musste den Kurzfilm dreimal schauen, um zu verstehen, worum es da geht.

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